I Forgive You - Me

I Forgive You - Me (Contemplative Solo)
By Karen Taylor-Good and Colin Tipping

About the song, Karen says: "My dear friend Colin Tipping, who uses a lot of my music in his beautiful radical forgiveness work, called me one day and asked if I had a self-forgiveness song. I did not. He gave me some great ideas which I added to my own vast experience of non self-forgiveness, and the song pretty much wrote itself."

From the 2-CD Set "Let the Light In"

Arranged for recording by Ed Tossing; Sheet Music arrangement by Ed Tossing and David Ezell

Musical Style : Contemplatvie

Performance Medium for Sheet Music : Solo

Subjects : Forgiveness, Healing, Humor, Love, Peace, Renewal, Safety, Understanding Yourself

Seasonal Use : New Year's or General Use