The HEART WIND MUSIC CATALOG lists the title, songwriter, musical style and performance medium of each song available at this website. This includes selections published by Heart Wind Music, and selections published by Unity Worldwide Ministries in the Online Music Library.

UNITY WORLDWIDE MINISTRIES started the Online Music Library in 2012, selecting Heart Wind Music to administer the library and offer the selections on this website. UWM also offers printed songbooks, including mostly solos and congregational songs, which are available directly from UWM. The listing (linked below) of UWM Songs in Print lists the title, songwriter and book for 250+ songs, found in 10 of UWM's most popular songbooks.

The catalogs are Excel spreadsheets, so after downloading you can use the sort feature of Excel to help you find just what you're looking for. To enable you to find each song in all the right places, duplicate listings are included for songs with co-writers, and for songs which are available in more than one performance medium.