I Forgive You - Me--Lyrics

By Karen Taylor-Good and Colin Tipping

VERSE Iím working on forgiveness, working really hard, Cause Iíve noticed how it lightens up my spirit and my heart. But thereís still one soul who I beat up on, Shame and blame and heap the crud on. What a painful price that little soul has paid. So face to face and heart to heart, I think itís time to say:

CHORUS I forgive you, youíve done the best you could. I forgive you, I release you from the shoulds. I accept you as that perfect child of God youíre meant to be. I forgive you - me.

VERSE I wonder why itís easier forgiving someone else, Mothers fathers, children, anybody but myself. Can I learn to love myself completely, The good, the bad, the cool, the geeky? Well the pieces wonít be falling into place ĎTil I can look with love upon this face.


BRIDGE When I slip into those unforgiving habits from the past I promise that Iíll see you clearly in this looking glass.


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