That's What Love Is--Lyrics

By Freebo, Karen Taylor-Good & Lisa Aschmann

VERSE 1 It's a whisper you hear In the midst of your fear, It's revealing. It's a part of the heart And it's just who we are, It's so healing.

It's the power inside, Always wins over pride, Never judges. And it strengthens And comforts us all. That's what love is.

VERSE 2 It's the healer of souls, Makes the broken ones whole And completed. It's what gives you the strength And the hope When you're feeling defeated.

It's a compass and guide And it won't be denied, So we trust it. It's the light in the dark Of it all. That's what love is.

BRIDGE And it's patient and kind And it's deaf, dumb and blind To the madness. It's the ace of the dealer Of truth. It's the healer of sadness.

VERSE 3 It's a place that you know From so long, long ago And itís freeing. And you feel when it's there Cause youíre able to share From your being.

And it takes us all higher And it lifts and inspires All it touches. It's the best part of Being alive. Thatís what love is.


VERSE 4 Itís beyond right or wrong And it's not weak or strong, It's not winning. For the young and the old, It's a brave and a bold New beginning.

It's the peace and the hope, It's what helps us to cope, It's forgiveness. It's the light that will always endure, It's eternal and simple and pure. That's what love is.

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