Stuff!? Lyrics

by David Ezell

CHORUS I Stuff, stuff, stuff, nothiní but stuff. Stuff, stuff, stuff, is there such a thing as having enough? Grow, grow, grow, always have to grow. Canít we ever just let life come with a natíral easy flow?

VERSE I Bulldozing houses, burning food, Crushing cars, for what kind of good? For some to do well, must others do without? This pictureís so crazy, it makes me want to shout!

CHORUS II More, more, more, always needing more, To keep things moving must we go to the store? New, new, new, everything has to be new. New, new, new, can what we have now ever do?

VERSE (Instrumental)


VERSE II Strip-mined mountains, radioactive waste, Smaller icecap, pavement evírywhere, Rising seas, disappearing habitat, Species no longer here, does anyone care?


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