Shine Your Light--Lyrics

By David Roth, David Ezell, Anne Ezell, Judy Moore, and Len Seligman

CHORUS Shine your light, Shine your light. Let your love be bold and bright, A flame that lights the darkest night. Shine your light!

VERSE Be the best that you can be. Shine for all humanity. Love your neighbor, you and me. Shine your light!


VERSE God is shining in my soul. Now I'm feeling full and whole. Letting go of all control, Shine your light!


VERSE Some say no but I say yes. Itís a choice of blame or bless. Plus or minus, more or less, Shine your light!


BRIDGE Sometimes life can knock me down, But I will not despair. When I fall you lift me up With the power of your prayer.

VERSE Here we go, now we start. Ev'rybody has their part. Show the world what's in your heart. Shine your light!


Copyright © 2015 Heart Wind Music/Len Seligman

Written during a songwriting class taught by David Roth at PosiFest 2015, sponsored by emPower Music and Arts