Plenty of Time

Plenty of Time (Jazzy, SAB Trio) (UWM)
by David Ezell

We're never any closer to the beginning or end of time than we were yesterday, or than we will be tomorrow. There are no deadlines for working out our at-one-ment with God. Included in the download are the Full Score, Vocal Score, Lead Sheet with guitar chords in Eb and D, Chord Chart for improvisation on a Bb Instrument, and Lyric Sheet.

Thius selection is included in Unity Worldwide Ministries' Online Music Library.

To date, the only recording of this song is a demo. The demo is available on this page without charge as an aid to performers.

Musical Style : Jazzy (Dixieland)

Performance Medium of Sheet Music : Vocal ensemble (SAB Trio)

Subjects : Afterlife, Creativity, Empowerment, Fulfillment, God, Guidance, Humor, Infinity, Intuition, Peace, Perception, Prayer, Prosperity, Relationship with God, Understanding Yourself

Seasonal Use : New Year's or General Use