Illumination (Contemplative SATB) (UWM)
A short choral work written specifically for Candlelighting Service by David Ezell. Written to be learned in a minimum amount of rehearsal time. Each section of the choir has seven measures to learn.

Lyrics are about the roles of Jesus and other major world prophets.

Download includes full score with piano part, choral score, lead sheet with guitar fretboard diagrams, and lyric sheet.

Recording Not Available

Can be used for the study of diminished 7th chords, because it includes all three possible diminished 7ths.

This selection is included in Unity Worldwide Ministries' Online Music Library.

Musical Style : Contemplative

Performance Medium for Sheet Music : Choir (SATB)

Subjects : Empowerment, Healing, Interfaith, Jesus, Light, Perception, Relationship with God, Truth

Seasonal Use : Christmas