Every Day is New--Lyrics

By Jennifer Ferren


Every day, is a new beginning, A chance to erase unhappy endings. When I wake I can make a thousand dreams come true. I can use my faith in God in ev'rything I do.

CHORUS 'Cause everyday is new. Infinite paths to choose. The choices I make, and the chances I take are based in truth. And every day is new.

VERSE 2 Every night, when I go to sleep, My unconscious mind counts the blessings I reap. When I sleep my thoughts seem to work themselves on out. When I rise to greet the day my mind is free of doubt.


BRIDGE I don't get caught up in tryin' to make life make sense. The price that it would cost me would be too high an expense, So I just pray, And keep the faith.


CODA Yes it's true, Every day is new.

Copyright 2002 Jennifer Ferren