Communion Song

Communion Song (Contemplative, Congregation)
David's Notes about Communion Song

For most of my life there have been no Centers for Spiritual Living (formerly Science of Mind or Religious Science) in South Carolina. However, it was my privilege to participate in a Science of Mind study group, hosted by Bill and Judy Ripley and facilitated by Inez Abel. The principles we studied in the writing of Ernest Holmes are invaluable to my spiritual progress. When Inez told me liked this song I decided to dedicate it to her. Having grown up in Christian Science, I do not believe that physical elements are necessary or helpful in becoming close to God. Although anyone may use any of this songs in any way they wish, the original concept of the song is for Spiritual Communion. As a school orchestra director I wrote many songs where the student part is simple and a more elaborate piano part adds interest to the song. With Communion Song (originally written in the early '90's) I started doing the same with songs intended for congregational singing.

Musical Style : Contemplative

Performance Medium for Sheet Music : Congregation

Subjects : Empowerment, Faith, Freedom, God, Guidance, Intuition, Opening of Service, Perception, Prayer, Relationship with God, Truth