Blackberry Valley

Blackberry Valley (Ragtime for Violin, Clarinet and Piano)
Trio by David Ezell for Violin, Clarinet and Piano. Ragtime style, Rondo form

Interesting interplay as the melody moves from instrument to instrument, and the accompanying lines include some nice counterpoint.

This download includes two versions, and can be played with either Bb or A Clarinet. The clarinet part is the same for both versions, but the violin and piano parts are in two different keys. If an A Clarinet happens to be available, the violin part will lie a little better for the instrument.

David names many of his instrumental pieces for streets and towns in South Carolina. Blackberry Valley Rd. is in a rural, mountainous part of Greenville County. Greenville is home to over 400,000 people, making it the state's most populous county. In the picture, Blackberry Valley Rd. is to the left.

Musical Style : Ragtime

Performance Medium for Sheet Music : Instrumental Ensemble