You Will Be There--Lyrics

by Sue K. Riley

VERSE Have you ever really noticed, that no matter where you go, And despite the things you try to leave behind, That when you finally get there, and you pause to analyze, The only thing worth changing is your mind?

CHORUS Ev’rywhere that you go. you take yourself with you. Nowhere you can run that you won't find: To change your life just change your mind To hold your ground you have to fly 'Cause ev’rywhere you go, you will be there.

VERSE So do you think tomorrow will be better than today? If nothing matters but what still could be, And things which happened to you, caused your life to be this way, The only thing that's changin’ is the time.


VERSE And, were there things you dreamed of when your heart was young and free, That you've buried in the grind of day to day? Let's break the chains and let them soar, Become a dreamer yet once more! The only thing that's changin’ is your way.


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