You Can't Take It With You--Lyrics

By Armand and Don

VERSE Do you work to live, or do you live for your work? Do you give yourself the time you need to play? Do you love what you do, or is it just for the pay? Are you giving up eight hours of your day?

CHORUS You can't take it with you, when you reach the other side. There's a part of you you'll have to leave behind. You can share it with your lover, you can leave it with a friend; But you can't, no you can't take it with you, in the end.

VERSE Workin' hard for forty years, savin' for a rainy day, Missin' all the sunshine from above. So that when you're sixty-five you'll start to live it up, But you haven't had much practice when it comes.


BRIDGE It's no reason to get hypnotized by the power of gold, Like a dog that keeps chasing at its tail. A penny is too much, but a million's not enough, And you can't take it with you in the end.

VERSE I'm not telling you that it's wrong to have All the things in life that you intend. But how much will you sacrifice for status or what you can buy If you can't take it with you in the end?


© 1998 by Armond Della Volpe and Don Rowell