You Are Not Alone--Lyrics

By Jana Stanfield

VERSE You think you're the only one Caught under clouds that block the sun. Life's not easy that's the breaks. Ev’ryone of us still makes mistakes. Ev’rybody walks through heartache. Ev’rybody walks through pain, But still we search the sky above For rainbows after rain.

CHORUS You are not alone. Look around and you'll see Someone like me Looking your direction. We all need connection As we stumble toward our dreams. You are not alone Look around and you'll see. ***

VERSE Live and learn ‘cuz here's the deal: Ev’rybody feels the things we feel, Love and fear and gratefulness, Angry words you can't forget. Ev’rybody goes through bad times, Emotions black as night, But still we know the dawn is waiting On the other side.


BRIDGE We all need a little help now and then. All it takes is the courage To open our hearts and reach out our hands.


***this line could be “Join together with me”

© Jana StanTunes Music