We Share the Dream of Peace--Lyrics

By Sue Riley, David Roth, and Jana Stanfield

VERSE My skin may be, a diff'rent shade, my language not the same I pray in different places, I call God by different names. My clothing may not be like yours might stand out in a crowd But in universal Spirit there are diff'rences allowed

CHORUS We have the precious present and our presence holds the key To a world that is more loving as we share the dream of peace. As we share the dream of peace.

VERSE My arms embrace my children I fall in love, I cry. I marvel at the sunset as another day goes by. But halfway 'round the world, I know, your rain brings rainbows too 'Though we might seem so diff'rent I am just the same as you


BRIDGE Imagining the future, remembering the past Together we can cocreate a vision that will last


© 2004- Kroupa, Roth, Stanfield This arrangement published 2008 by Heart Wind Music, LLC Rearrangement for personal use permitted