We Are One--Lyrics

By Karen Taylor-Good and Taylor Sparks

VERSE We were all alone sharing our lives with noone, Feeling separate from the world and so afraid. There was me, there was you, loving not and trusting noone, Living out the lonely lives that we had made.

CHORUS But when two or more are gathered joining souls and joining lives, We are so much more than only you and I. We are one, we are one.

VERSE We were on our own, thinking that we could make it. Islands to ourselves we stood alone. Then my heart met yours, as we stared across forever, And we caught a glimpse of more than we had known.


CODA And when through the fire hear the thunder of the roar, Add water to the snow great rivers run. Add my heart to yours, feel the power. Oh see what we've become.

We are one.

Copyright 2004 K. T. Good Music and BIL-KAR Music (SESAC)