The Way of God--Lyrics

By Richard Mekdeci

VERSE 1 "Hush my child." I heard the voice say from the dark night of my soul. "Things are not as bad as they seem, you are stronger than you know. You call on me to help you but it's already done. Ev'rything I am you are; the battle has been won.

CHORUS 1 You are not weak. You are not helpless. You are not fear. You are not judgment. You are whole. You are worthy. You are the way of God, The way of God.

VERSE 2 Deep in my own heart I found strength and the courage to go on, When I faced my fears I could see they were all just illusion. I want to make the difference, I want to be the way. Now when I want to turn and run, I hear myself say:


BRIDGE 1 Stretch your heart until it reaches the way of God. Ev'ry master teacher teaches the way of God. 'Cause the only way to peace is the way of God.


BRIDGE 2 So when the path before you seems too much to take, Just remember who you are, take a breath and say,

CHORUS 2 I am not weak. I am not helpless. I am not fear. I am not judgment. I am whole . I am worthy. I am the way of God.

OUTRO I am the way of God

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