Wake Up My Soul--Lyrics

By Rev. Blair Tabor

1st VERSE Wake up, my soul and reach for the sky. Wake up, my soul, Join the Spirit and fly. To bless all creation with joyous elation: Wake up, wake up my soul.

2nd VERSE Reach out, my heart, with a loving embrace. Reach out, my heart, touch all time and space. To flood ev'ry being with God's life for healing Reach out, reach out my heart.

BRIDGE God is your real home. You ever are welcome. Just make yourself at home. Let all that God is shine though. God lives as blessings through you.


3rd VERSE Listen, dear mind, to the song of the light. Listen, dear mind, for the harmony's just right. With angels asinging, the heavens are ringing. Listen, listen dear mind.



© 2000 Blair Tabor This arrangement published 2008 by Heart Wind Music LLC Rearrangement for personal use permitted