By Rev. Candace Chellew

VERSE 1 One has been my favorite number, One is not a lonely number For the hermit here inside of me. But soon the cave gets dreary, And I can hear them clearly, Inviting me to join the song.

CHORUS And when we come together, Each person counts, and whether We're sad or joyful, Each one is made more hopeful When we're together.

VERSE 2 This is where the healing happens, In the midst of tears and laughter. This is where our lives are made whole. I've been transformed by hunger, To find my strength in numbers. Together we can live as one.


BRIDGE We need time alone in our room, But when it becomes a tomb We can arise and be made new together. Arise, together, be made new, together,


CODA Arise together, Be made new, together Arise together, Be made new, together, together.

Copyright 2015 Candace Chellew-Hodge