There's Another Way--Lyrics

From the CD "I Dreamed of Rain" By JD Martin & Chuck Jones

VERSE 1 Bang that drum, rattle that saber. Shoot first and ask questions later It just ain't practical to love your neighbor. Ooh it's a crazy world. Let's make a circle out of that line. Think about us and not just yours and mine.

CHORUS There's another way, beyond the blue and grey. Where we all can lay our weapons down. There's a brighter light, beyond the wrong and right. And if we let it shine tonight, we'll live to love again another day. There's another way.

VERSE 2 Still that anger, unclench that fist. Feel the power of forgiveness. There's a new sun rising in the morning mist. Ooh it's a beautiful world. If flesh and blood were born out of the stars, I can't help believing, somewhere in our hearts,


CODA Yes I pray, There's another way. Another way. There's another way. Another way.

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