Swing Wide the Doors--Lyrics

By Daniel Nahmod

CHORUS (2x) Swing wide the doors the time is right. Swing wide the doors to let in the light. Bring in the dawn for humankind. Swing wide the doors of this heart of mine.

VERSE I'm not holding it in anymore. I'm gonna shout it out loud. I understand now what I'm here for And what this life is about.

BRIDGE It's about love, it's about laughter, it's about comfort and smiles. It's about love, it's about kindness, it's about hearts open wide. It's about love, it's about passion, it's about taking a chance. It's about love, it's about service, it's about lending a hand, about lending a hand.


VERSE There's a voice that I've heard for years. I learned to keep it inside. Well now it's coming in loud and clear. I want a deeper life.



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