Sucked Into Seriousness--Lyrics

By Lytingale

CHORUS Sucked into seriousness again. Worryin' 'bout who, what where and when. Trippin' into the future stumblin' over the past. Thought I'd kissed seriousness "Goodbye" at last, But I'm sucked into seriousness again. Traded in my happy go lucky grin for a frown. Lookin' down and losin' hope, On Friday's I can't cope, With the frivolous giggleful wonderful universe laughing at me.

VERSE I strolled into the kitchen, reached for the salt. I shook and shook that shaker and all the pepper tumbled out. I couldn't laugh in spite of it, I got mad and when I did, My disposition and my dinner both got burned.


VERSE I once had a lover, a right perfect mate. I idolized that fellow, but he always came home late. I took a little incident And made a federal case of it. And now that man doesn't bother to come home at all.


VERSE I liked the job I was working, but not the way it pays. I fin'ly got my courage up to ask the bossman for a raise. He said "The root of evil is money.Ē I didnít think he was funny. I blew my top at him that's how I lost my job.


Copyright ©1981 Lois J. Henrickson (Lytingale)