Standing Ovation--Lyrics

By Freebo & Robert Tepper


VERSE 1 If life is a comedy, the part that we play, Is never as clear as it could be. Or maybe a drama, who is to say? But it always turns out as it should be. And if I am a player, who's played his part well, And did it with humor and grace,

CHORUS When I die, give me a standing ovation, A celebration for a job well done. No need to cry, it's not my final destination. I'll be at the station when the train comes by.


VERSE 2 You write your own story as the pages unfold, But you're never quite sure of the ending. Maybe it's destiny, maybe itís choice. Maybe we're all just pretending. In the tale of a lifetime if it all comes around, And you only receive what you're sending.



VERSE 3 Some have it easy, some have it all. Some work so hard for so little. We sink to the bottom, and we rise to the top, But mostly wind up in the middle. The more we are different, the more we're the same. I'm just one more who's worked through the riddle.



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