Stop, Look and Listen--Lyrics

By Jana Stanfield & Jerry Kimbrough

From the CD "Stop, Look and Listen"

VERSE I stand before you now pretending to be cool, But all the time I'm wond'ring if I'm looking like a fool. Will I be as perfect as I think I ought to be, And when I'm not what will you think of me? I need a plan to see me through, So here's what I'm gonna do:

CHORUS I'm gonna stop reading other people's minds. I'm gonna look at the good that surrounds me. I'm gonna listen to my heart when it tells me what to do. I'm gonna notice every time a little dream comes true. I'll do all the living I've been missing When I stop, look and listen, Stop, Look and Listen.

VERSE I was walking through the park, there was beauty all around. But I didn't see a thing, ‘cuz my eyes were on the ground. I didn't see the sun or the sky so blue. I was thinking days ahead of the things I had to do . Drowning in stress and strain I said it's time for me to make a change.


BRIDGE Oh, It's so hard to hear what my heart says to me When my mind is chattering constantly. Living in the past or in future plans Means watching the present slip through my hands. What am I gonna do? I'm gonna


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