By Peter Mayer

VERSE 1 In Bethlehem a manger waits, Long ago and so today, Where hatred-weary people pray, Love will come and lay there.

VERSE 2 And so do countless stables stand In hearts as harsh as desert lands, Rough shelters in the wind and sands, So love will come and stay there.

CHORUS 1 Love that opens fists of hate, Heaps up gold on beggars’ plates, Love that shows a kindly face To enemies and strangers.

VERSE 3 And the walls of stables tremble so When the winds of fear and judgement blow, For a stable hopes in love alone And knows that love’s the answer.

VERSE 4 O love the prophet’s only word, The only lesson left to learn, The only end of heaven’s work, And the only road that goes there.

CHORUS 2 Love that sees with mercy’s eyes, Holds its arms out open wide, Threads its loom with sep‘rate lives, And weaves them all together.

CODA So may the lamps of stables glow Brightly that their light may go For miles in the darkness so Love will find its way there.

© 2005 PeterMayer/Blueboat Publishing