So Many Angels

So Many Angels (Contemplative Chant, Congregation or Children's Choir)
By Karen Drucker and Kate Munger

Notes by Karen: When I perform a concert, I always sing a song called, We Are All Angels. During this song, I find three sweet looking people and put a little angel halo on their head. I am always amazed at the reactions to this simple act. Some people tear up, some say, "Oh not me - I'm no angel!," and still others love being seen for who they are. When Kate Munger and I got together to write some songs, we talked about the wonderful people in our lives, and how we see them as angels. This chant practically wrote itself!

Musical Style : Contemplative Chant

Performance Medium of Sheet Music : Congregation or Children's Choir (Unison)

Subjects : Children, Harmony, Healing, Infinity, Relationships with Other People, Safety

Seasonal Use : Christening or General Use