Roll Away the Stone--Lyrics

By Susie Hulcher

CHORUS As I roll away the stone I see You have come to give new life to me, So I'll have it more abundantly, Precious life, blessed life, eternally.

VERSE Imprisoned by the errors in my thinking. My jailers they all smiled and walked away. Then You came in with the key, And helped me see the light of day.


VERSE I need to walk Your path up to that hilltop. I'll never really live until I die To ev'rything that holds me down, To all that keeps me bound to I.

BRIDGE I needed something I could lean on, And came to rest upon Your tender love. Soon I grew strong enough to push that rock that looked so tough, And felt the sunlight on my face again.


CODA Eternally. 3x

2001 Susie Jennings All rights reserved, except that rearrangement for personal use is permitted