Remember Me--Lyrics

By Susie Hulcher

VERSE 1 Tonight I break this bread with you, remember me. Remember all that I have said and done. I came to bring you life yet more abundantly, And show that you are all my Father's sons.

VERSE 2 And as we pass the wine I ask, remember me. The cup of life I've poured from out my heart. Remember what I've taught and go and do the same, For soon and very soon I must depart.

BRIDGE The days that lie ahead will test your faith in me, And some of you will not believe your eyes. But the man who clothes me has to perish For my soul to rise.


VERSE 3 But tonight I laugh and cry for I'll remember you. I charge you now to follow my decree, And consecrate your lives to serve the Holy One, So all will know that you remember me.

2006 Susie Jennings All rights reserved, except that rearrangement for personal use is permitted