Quiet Love--Lyrics

By Karen Taylor Good and J.D. Martin

VERSE 1 You're the man who celebrates my birth. Half the reason I'm on earth, But somehow you were hidden in the shadows. I spent half a lifetime at arm's length, saw weakness in your quiet strength, But love has fin'ly opened up my eyes.

CHORUS It's so good to see you, really see you at long last. I treasure ev'ry moment now, they're goin' by so fast. Years of longing for a father, and you already existed, Yours is such a quiet love, I almost missed it.

VERSE 2 Thought my friends had more exciting dads. They were doctors, lawyers, college grads, And you were selling tires down on Main Street. Somehow I didn't understand, the caring in your calloused hands, The perfect love that waits inside your heart.


BRIDGE All the while I was wishing for "Father Knows Best", You were loving me so much better, And those years that I wasted, lost in regret, Have turned into something so tender.


CODA I almost missed it.

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