One Small Voice--Lyrics

By Roger Tomhave

This selection is included in Unity Worldwide Ministries' Online Choral Library.

VERSE (Solo) A tiny little shepherd boy, there upon the hill, A tiny little shepherd boy keeping very still. He sees a star shine over heard, it seems to look on him. But, should he leave his fatherís flock and go to Bethlehem?

VERSE (Solo) A tiny little shepherd boy, coming down the hill, Drawn by a stronger call than his fatherís will. He peeks around the corner, and much to his surprise, A tiny little shepherd boy cannot believe his eyes.

VERSE (Solo) For, laying in a manger stall, bedded in the hay, The boy beholds the son of God in the starís white ray. As fast as legs can carry him, he races up the hill. But who will hear this one small voice with such good news to tell?

CHORUS (Duet) One small voice is enough to sing Even if no one else is listening. Spread good news to all you meet Choirs of angels could not sing as sweet As one small voice.

CHORUS (Duet) Two can sing sweet harmony. One small voice attracts company. Peace on earth, good will to all Shepherd chorus now join the call Of one small voice.

CODA (SATB a capella) Donít be afraid to sing your song. Soon you will hear others sing along. Christ is born, Alleluia, born inside us, Born each Christmas Bless one small voice.

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