One Heart--Lyrics

by DeeDee Laux

VERSE Do you feel lost and sometimes alone? Do you dream of a peaceful place that some of us call home? Do you feel pain, when times are tough? Do you dream of all the things you need, but never seem to have enough?

CHORUS Touch one heart, touch one soul. Just reach out to someone else, and youíll feel whole. Give them strength when you feel weak. Oh, for ev'ry life you touch will bring you peace.

VERSE If only you could heal the world, Iíd give all the love I could to ev'ry boy and girl. Itís not the type of a gift you bring, Itís the joy you feel when giving that means ev'rything.


BRIDGE I donít know just why it works, But itís been often said That we are all connected in one beautiful web.


CODA Now I pray that you will see The part of you thatís healingÖ Me. Ooh, healing me. Ooh. You are healing me.

© 2009 by DeeDee Laux This arrangement published by Heart Wind Music, LLC