Old Friend--Lyrics

By Ed Tossing and Karen Taylor-Good

VERSE I recall the day you wandered in my life, A ragged soul with sad and hungry eyes. You had been mistreated. Like me you were all alone. All you really needed was a home.

VERSE You became the friend I never thought I'd find. Now you've seen me through the best and worst of times. But time has moved too quickly, and time has not been kind. So here we are it's time to say goodbye.

CHORUS Pleasant dreams old friend, may your suff'ring end as you close your eyes in sleep. Pleasant dreams old friend 'til we meet again your sweet memory I'll keep. I'll be loving you and missing you old friend.

VERSE When I count up all the teachers that I've known You will be the one who taught me most. From you I learned forgiveness. From you I learned to trust. But most of all, you showed me how to love.


BRIDGE No more pain allowed, Love will heal you now.


2009 K T Good Music (SESAC) / Ed Tossing Music (BMI)