Ocean In Motion--Lyrics

By Jacqueline Jax Silva

VERSE The tide goes out, the tide comes in, Emotions flare, then calm again. I try to swim the best I can But sometimes start to twist and spin.

CHORUS Life is like the ocean in motion, Moving up on the shore. Canít control the waves or the current, Impossible to ignore.

Life is like the ocean in motion, Tide rushing in and out. Might as well stop trying to fight it And be in the here and now.

VERSE It seems unfair, it makes me mad, I canít control the circumstance, But like the waves that meet the rocks I flow around the stumbling blocks.



BRIDGE And though the moon controls the tide The tide does not resist. Itís not sad; it doesnít get mad; It just finds a way to persist.



Copyright 2013 Jacqueline Jax Silva Harmony Playground, ASCAP