Mr. Caterpillar--Lyrics

By Dalton Roberts

VERSE As Mister Caterpillar moseyed down the road He stopped and had a chat with Mister Toad. Bye and bye a butterfly came flitting overhead The caterpillar pointed up and said:

CHORUS "You'll never ever get me in one of those things. They're pretty as can be but check those wings. They're thin as onionskin, oh, it just makes me cringe. You'll never get me up in one of those things.

VERSE If God had meant for us to fly, we'd be born with wings And if that thing should crash your goose is cooked. I'm much to old to try to change, no, flying's not for me. I'm doing quite well crawling, don't you see.


VERSE I’m gonna keep my fifty feet here on the ground. They may be slow but they get me around I've always been afraid of heights and I'll add one more thing: It looks too much like work to flap them wings.


© 2007 Dalton Roberts This arrangement published 2008 by Heart Wind Music Rearrangement for personal use permitted