Movie Star--Lyrics

by DeeDee Laux

VERSE Well, just last night I was flippiní through a magazine bin, Readiní about those movie stars, and how theyíre all too thin. Then I turned the page, and I had to shield my eyes. They were makiní fun of somebody elseís thighs. Well now whoís to say how much Iím supposed to weigh? Some C E O is lining his pockets. He thinks heís got somethiní to say.

CHORUS Hey girls, itís time to put our hands together. Donít let anybody tell you who you are. If you listen to your own voice Well you can be as beautiful as any movie star.

VERSE Surgery seems to be the latest craze. Goiní under the knife is as common, itís as common as a bad day. Well, they can take it out of here, and add it back into there. No honey, I ainít talkiní about your hair. Well apparently my proportion is all wrong. But if I lay down some money honey they'll turn me into a swan.


VERSE Now, I like lookiní good. I know you do, too. But I donít need some self-serviní someone tellingí me what to do. So hereís our revolution, baby, letís make a scene. We donít need no bra burniní party. Letís burn some magazines.


© 2007 Dee Dee Laux This arrangement published 2010 by Heart Wind Music, LLC