May You Know God--Lyrics

by Don Lansky, Patricia Gulino Lansky, Laurence Elder, Karen Taylor-Good and Sue K. Riley

May you rejoice in the new life within you as you release the old and worn. Open your heart with praise and thanksgiving. May you see God. May you feel God. May you know God.

May you awaken to a world filled with beauty, be lifted up from times of tears, Aware of the grace that tenderly carries you. May you see God. May you feel God, May you know God.

Was there a time in your life you might have glimpsed something unseen? Now, you can believe it's real.

May you look back on a life sweet with mem'ries, understanding all was right. And, in the whisper of your last breath May you see God. May you feel God, and May you know God. Oh! may you know God.

Copyright 2011 Don Lansky and Patricia Gulino Lansky