May the Light of Love

May the Light of Love (Free and Easy Solo or SB Duet) (UWM)
By David Roth

This selection is included in Unity Worldwide Ministries' Online Music Library

Musical Style : Free and Easy

Performance Medium for Sheet Music : Solo, or Duet for Mezzo Soprano and Baritone

TWO VERSIONS of the SONG: Sheet music for "May the Light of Love" was originally published by Unity Worldwide Ministries in the printed volume "Special Services and Chants I." The song was recorded by David Roth and Anne Hills on the album "Rhubarb Trees." The recorded version is quite syncopated, whereas the original sheet music is written in straight rhythm. For the Online Music Library, Unity Worldwide Ministries is publishing a version based on the original sheet music, and another version version based on the rhythm of the recording. Whether purchasing the solo or duet arrangement, you will receive both versions as part of the same document.

Subjects : Confidence, Faith, Guidance, Harmony, Healing, Home, Prayer, Prosperity, Relationship with God, Relationships with Other People, Renewal, Service, Social Justice, Values

Seasonal Use : Thanksgiving or General Use