Looking In for Number One--Lyrics

By David Roth

VERSE I was looking all around, I was asking everyone I found. Do you know the meaning of the mysteries of life and love? But I was getting nowhere fast. my overview was overcast. I picked up every book I could, I did the things I thought I should.

CHORUS I I was looking out for number one. looking out for number one. I thought that's how the world was run, was looking out for number one.

VERSE But something didn't feel quite right. The more I looked the less I liked. I networked, channeled, searched and such. I tried so hard to get in touch. And then one day out of the blue my inner voice came calling through: You have the answer in your heart. Try looking in. That's where you start.

CHORUS II Looking in for number one, looking in for number one. Looking out is not much fun, try looking in for number one.

BRIDGE Oh, I used to jump to my conclusions. Now I'm taking leaps of faith. Getting all my answers questioned, looking in and seeing straight.

VERSE Oh, now I have the master plan for finding out just who I am. It's not so much what others see, it's how I look inside of me. Opening up to change and chances, take retreats and make advances. Following your own guru, just spell it out: Gee you are you.


1988 David Roth