Look How Far You've Come--Lyrics

By Sue K. Riley and Richard Mekdeci

VERSE As the year came to a close, I lamented to a friend, About the things I hadn't done, the twists and turns I hadn't planned, Doors that did not open, the love that did not stay. She smiled and said, "That may be true, but hasn't it been great?"

VERSE Not the reaction I had hoped for, I said in self defense. At times I've felt like Moses with those plagues and fires and pests. She says, "Leave the desert, come sit here in the shade, Let's talk about the future, let's cool off in the rain.

CHORUS 'Cause there's no way to change the past, take back a single word, Undo what has been done. 'Though you're not where you were heading, Look how far you've come.

VERSE She left me feeling speechless as she drove off in the night. Then I thought about the points she'd made, could she possibly be right? Was I so caught up in the journey in the who, and what, and why That I failed to see the beauty in the days as they went by?

BRIDGE Could I have watched more sunsets, walked more winding roads, Been sweeter, softer, kinder, embraced this life I chose?

VERSE So I've made a few adjustments to my treasure map of dreams. I've found that being happy pretty much depends on me. I can't go back and change one single thing from days gone past, But each day I remind myself to treasure what I have.


CODA Look how far you've come, look how far you've come, Look how far you've come, look how far you've come.

Copyright 2006 Sue K-Riley Music