Live With a Purpose--Lyrics

By Linda A. Missad

This selection is included in Unity Worldwide Ministries' Online Choral Library.

VERSE I see hunger I see pain. I see anger and confusion and disdain. And I cannot fathom how we got this far. Can a single person live to raise the bar?

VERSE I feel helpless, I feel small, And Iím searching for the answer to this call. Can we really find the good in what we see? Can I follow what my spiritís telling me?

CHORUS This is the time to live with a purpose. Now is the time to reach out your hand. This is the time to make new beginning; We are creating Godís master plan. We are Godís master plan.

BRIDGE I will live with a purpose. I will show up in my life. I will be God-Spirit. I will follow the message of Christ.


Copyright © 2011, Linda A. Missad, Lyralinda Music / ASCAP