Listen for the Whisper--Lyrics

VERSE I tune into the experts on all the TV shows. I read the books that tell me all the things that I should know. I ask my friends what they think of the things I'm goin' through, When no one has the answer, I know what to do.

CHORUS I listen for the whisper, deep down inside, Listen for the whisper, a strong but gentle guide. With a thousand diff'rent voices ringing in my ear, I listen for the whisper, that only the heart can hear.


VERSE The other voices tell me that I'm not good enough, To win the peace of mind they say that I'm not worthy of, And though they shout so loudly sometimes I can hardly think, I know where to turn to find the source of my strength.


BRIDGE The whisper holds the answer. It's up to me to ask, I wonder why so often, The thing that I do last, is...


Copyright © 1996 Jana StanTunes/Tony Carlisle Music (ASCAP)