Jesus Writes Songs, Too--Lyrics

By Dalton Roberts

VERSE I tried to write a little song about Jesus But I just couldn't find the words. I could hear the melody, the harmony But I couldn't write what I heard. I cried out in the Holy Spirit, “Jesus help me to write my song.” He said, "Son the song you hear inside I wrote for you alone."

CHORUS Jesus writes songs, too; He writes His songs on our inner spirit. Each song is a personal symphony For no one else can hear it. You can't find words for love unending And peace that passes understanding. Jesus sings through you, Yes, Jesus writes songs, too.


VERSE I tried to put down on a piece of paper The music moving in my soul. It was a stream of living water My little cup couldn't hold. I heard Jesus say, "Lay down your pen And let my song come through. You've written a lot of songs for me And I'm writing this song for you."


© 1984 Happy Doghouse (BMI) This arrangement published 2009 by Heart Wind Music, LLC Rearrangement for personal use permitted