I Rise In You

I Rise In You (Gospel Solo with SSA Trio, or SATB Choir with Soloist) (UWM)
By Claudia Carawan

This selection is included in Unity Worldwide Ministries' Online Music Library

The SSA Version is in C, featuring a soloist with backup singers. The SATB Version was arranged by David Ezell for the Unity World Chorus and Orchestra, and was performed at the Sound Connections Conference at Unity Village in 2012. The SATB Version is in Eb. Some of the solo parts have been rescored for choir, and an instrumental break has been added.

Musical Style : Gospel

Performance Medium of Sheet Music : Vocal Ensemble (Solo with SSA Trio) or SATB Choir with Soloist

Subjects : Empowerment, Freedom, Joy, Light, Love, Peace, Relationship with God, Renewal

Seasonal Use : Easter or General Use