Attitude of Gratitude--Lyrics

By Marshall Stern and Richard Mekdeci

CHORUSĀ  I've got an attitude, I've got an attitude, I've got an attitude of gratitude.

VERSE I thank the universe for each new day Whether it's sunny or it's pouring rain. In any situation, time or place My grateful heart creates a state of Grace.


VERSE The darkness taught me how to praise the light. Wrongness made me hunger for what's right. I haven't found a place where I don't see Heaven's blessings pouring down on me.


VERSE I won't be waiting when my ship comes in, Won't trade my "here and now" for something "then." I'm finding pleasure in the simple things. It doesn't matter what tomorrow brings.


VERSE When Jesus fed the hungry multitude He did it with a grateful attitude. Although it looked like there was not enough He thanked His Father for abundant love.

(can you say "yea"?...)


BRIDGE (rubato) I used to cry for deliverance, Send desperate pleas to the heavens. But it wasn't until I gave up and got still, I could see all the gifts I've been given.


Copyright 1997 ITOI Music