If Love Is Why I'm Here

If Love Is Why I'm Here (Free and Easy Chant for Congregation or 2-part Choir) (UWM)
By Karen Drucker & Kate Munger

From Karen's CD Songs of the Spirit 4

This selection is included in Unity Worldwide Ministries' Online Music Library.

Karen's Comments: This is a chant written with the fabulous singer/songwriter Kate Munger from the Threshold Choir. I love having affirmations that I can sing, that gently remind me to keep my heart open and remember what my purpose is here in life. For me, it all comes down to love - being open to giving it, and also to receiving it.

Musical Style : Free and Easy Chant

Performance Medium of Sheet Music : Congregation with Obbligato, or Two Part Choir (SA, SB or TB) For SB it works well for the men to sing the top line down an octave.

Subjects : Empowerment, Love, Offering, Prosperity, Social Justice

Seasonal Use : Fathers' Day, Mothers' Day or General Use