I Am One--Lyrics

By Jana Stanfield and Tim Bays

VERSE I'm just a spoke in the wheel, one grain of sand, but it feels so right to be right where I am. One little part of a much bigger plan, and the longer I'm here the more I understand.

CHORUS I am one, we are one, like the rays of the sun. When it's all said and done I am one, we are one.

VERSE I'm just one drop of rain that falls from the sky, that runs to the stream, then the ocean by and by And I could do worse than to give myself up, on the crest of a wave on this ocean of love.


BRIDGE One gentle touch. One loving word. One single step toward a kinder world.




CODA I am one, we are one.

2003 Jana StanTunes/InCahoots Music (ASCAP)