I Am Beautiful--Lyrics

Words by Karen Drucker; Music by Karen Drucker & John Hoy

I am beautiful. I am powerful. Iíve let go of my past and celebrate who I've become. I am beautiful. I am powerful, And I celebrate who I am.

Ending tag: Celebrate: My beauty. My power. My wisdom, etc.

Karen's Comments: I was speaking with a woman who works with breast cancer survivors. She mentioned to me that women who have had a mastectomy, or who have lost their hair through the chemo process, oftentimes feel unattractive and undesirable. She said these magic words to me: "I just wish they could see how beautiful they realIy are." I heard those words, and this chant was born. Recently I was facilitating at a women's retreat, and my friend Sharon Harris, who is an interrupter for the deaf, showed the women the sign Ianguage for this chant. To see alI these women standing in their power, singing about celebrating themselves and doing the sign Ianguage was powerful for all of us. Brian Narelle did the wonderful illustrations that are at the end of all of these lyrics.

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