I Ain't Runnin' No More--Lyrics

By Freebo and Yori Swart

CHORUS I ain't runnin' no more, I ain't walkiní out the door. I ain't runnin', I ain't runnin' no more. I ain't runnin' no more Like so many times before. I ain't runnin', I ain't runnin' no more.

VERSE 1 I was caught in my confusion, An illusion of my own, Paralyzed and stariní at the floor. Couldíve used a helping hand Cause I couldn't understand What all the fight and suffering was for.


VERSE 2 I was runnin' on empty, I was runnin' like the wind, No confronting, I was runnin' out the door. Felt ashamed and I was blaming, Just a victim of my own. Now I'm done and I ain't runnin' no more.


BRIDGE All those stories of old, They don't need to be told. I will dry up the tears of my journey. I will face all the fears that I've run from for years.


CODA I ain't runniní, I ainít runnin' no more. No more, no more, no more.

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