House Built on Love--Lyrics

By Sue K. Riley

CHORUS This is a place of great power. We are all children of God. We find great strength as a people of pray'r. This is a house built on love. This is a place filled with peace. This is a sacred space. We join our voices in glorious harmony. This is a house built on love.

1st VERSE Put aside your heavy burdens, be at peace and enter in. Hear the quiet voice of spirit feel the steady strength of friends, Feeling as you were on a journey, and at long last you are home, Where your memories surround you, and you'll never be alone.


2nd VERSE Open up your heart to spirit, let your miracles occur, Never underestimate the power of the spoken word. Just conceive it to receive it. God has promised this to you. There is good that's waiting for you if you only make the room.




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