Help Me Remember--Lyrics

By Karen Taylor-Good and J. D. Martin

Verse With all I know about the universe You'd think I'd have it down, the way it works. If I'm so richly blessed How come sometimes I'm such a mess? Guess I forget.

Chorus Help me remember who I am. Help me to trust in the Master plan. When I think that I can't remind me I can. Help me remember who I am.

Verse I've read the concepts and complexities, Of quantum physics and of string theories. But it's the simple stuff, Like Love is all that I'm made of, That trips me up.


Bridge I am a precious child of God for heaven's sake, Not floating so low on the breeze. So when I'm feeling kind of small and lost in space, Would you remind me, please?


Copyright 2006 Song Guru Music (SESAC)/Gill 'n Goldie Music (ASCAP)